The Portsmouth Gridiron Football Club (PGFC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of equipment and uniforms associated with Portsmouth High School Football, thus promoting physical activity, sportsmanship and teamwork while helping the development of young men and women through the football program. In addition, the PGFC promotes activities to build camaraderie, friendship and spirit within the community through social events associated with the program. 

3rd Annual Alumni Home Coming Tailgate Party

2023 Golf Tournament at Montaup Country Club

Thank you for your support and generous donations! 

Juggs Passing Machine

Pass game development

5 Man LEV Sled

Linemen development

Varsity Jackets

Culture build


Jeff Gambrell

Vice President

James Hull


Beth Anne Blythe


Dena Landreville

Board Members

Doug Levesque

 Greg Blythe

Dan Sanderson

Ralph Plumb

Will Calhoun

Tracey Hackley

Zara Brockman

  Ashley Scanlon

Jamie Witteveen

John Hurd

Jennifer Conheeney